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People are talking about Marlene!

I always ask my clients to write or email me, and tell me truthfully how they appreciated my service to them. Their feedback is so important! Below are a few highlights of what people are saying.  Please click the "Play" buttons to watch each video testimonial.  Scroll down to read several additional testimonials.

Ann Drucker - It is rewarding to help single people when they are feeling lost and need to make a new life in a new community.  It’s great to see them happy with a new lifestyle that I’ve helped them attain.  We’ve remained friends for more than 20 years.   play

Beverly Horn - Making friends with neighbors of my listings comes naturally to me.  Beverly watched me employ one strategy after another to sell her neighbor's house.  With their life savings invested in their home, it was important to get the highest sale price I could for the elderly owners.   play

Bill Domm - I’ve help Bill's family for almost 25 years, first by selling his brother’s home, then by selling his brother’s condo.  We’ve remained in contact throughout, as I value my client’s friendships.   play

Elaine Rosenberg represents my typical client. One that strives for perfection to sell their home at top dollar.  I am perseverant and tenacious when it comes to selling my properties.

Howard Ventura is a long time client and friend.  I helped him buy a house when he was married, then find a condo when he got divorced!  Helping others navigate through stressful events is just another facet of how I sell real estate.  I take my clients feelings to heart!   play

Holly Schaefer - I feel it’s important to have the patience, understanding and caring to know what each individual buyer or seller needs.  While most realtors like to talk, I love to listen and understand people to give them not just full service, but truly complete service   play
  We were very pleased with your efforts on our behalf, on the sale of our house, and the sale of our new home. Especially in view of the short time span between the two transactions.

Thanks again, Marlene, for your proactive efforts on our behalf.

Richard and Pam Isaacson
(December 2008)
  I called Marlene with what I was sure was the oddest call of her day. I live in Seattle, and needed to contact a friend of my mom's who lives in the Lincoln Ridge Condos...but I didn't have the friend's phone or apartment number. The phone was unlisted, and the property manager didn't return calls. I didn't know Marlene, but found on the web that she handles properties at the complex, and called her on a whim. She called me back, engaged in a two-day search, and found the phone number! And she even called my mom's friend and told her to expect a call from me.
Effort far beyond the call of duty! Friendly, flexible, and determined! I'll can see why she's been so successful handling real estate!

Thanks, Marlene, for all! I'm going to call Gloria.....


Hi Marlene,

I wanted to thank you for all you did to help Celia and me sell our house.  Your certainly lived up to you slogan, "Marlene Does More."  I would add, "...and better, too!"  Your advice and council throughout the process was invaluable.  Your thoughts on how to prepare the house for sale, from upgrading, pricing and staging were really on point. You clearly know your onions.

One other thing I must mention is that we both appreciated your ability to listen.  Throughout the entire process, you understood our concerns and responded appropriately.  This was very important to both of us.  In short, Marlene, you are a pro!  You know what needs to be done and you do it so well.

Thanks for everything,

Kevin Battle

  Hi Marlene,

You must be a mind reader..just called today about property taxes and your letter came..what timing..but what else would I expect of you???? thank you for all your past attention and professionalism. I am happy to tell everyone that I am VERY pleased with your service and am happy to recommend you to all...You have my permission to print this and use it in any manner you wish...you deserve the honor.....

Most Sincerely,

Bob Gubin

Hello Marlene,

My mom, Dorothy, has received your mailings and I just wanted to let you know that she sold her condo (to me!) and has moved into an assisted living retirement home.  She is doing well and I plan on renting out her condo.

My folks were always pleased with their transition from their family home in Northbrook to Rob Roy.  Thank you for the fine service.


Ann Shenassa

  I play basketball Wednesday nights at the high school near Salceda Del Norte.  After trying to find more information on Salceda del Norte through the Yahoo! search engine, I came across your page.

Your website was so helpful in looking at condos in the North Shore, especially Northbrook.  I was so naive as to the options the North Shore had to offer before visiting your site.  Thank you for making the search very easy to do.  It is nothing short of a great community service. Best


Carlos Vazquez
  We’ve spent a bit of time this afternoon studying some of the different websites in your area, and have decided to award your site a “2006 Top Content” award for it’s design, presentation and efficiency.  Congratulations.

There are so many real estate websites out there, but so few that are actually decent.  I’m an agent and web guru here in Massachusetts, so I know how effective good sites can be.

Congratulations again on a job well done.

Steve Levine
  We are pleased to recommend Marlene Bass as an outstanding Realtor. Marlene is a true professional: most importantly an excellent listener, very focused and a skilled negotiator. Marlene is responsible for finding our new home/community and lifestyle.

William and Audrey Barrett

This is just a little "Thank You" for helping us sell our home on Valley.  After our first agent was unable to sell it, we knew there was a problem.  It took time to redo the house with a more up-to-date look--but in the end it was worth all the sweat we went through.  We'll also remember those kitchen table planning sessions with you. It was nice to have an action plan for us that went with your plan to sell our house. Since it was with ambivalent feelings that we sold our home, it make it much easier knowing that such a nice young couple bought it -- people we felt would love it as much as we did.  Seems that a good agent can really make a difference.  Thank you for your hard work, guidance and common sense.

Dawn and Bob Geras


Thank you for giving me the address of your web site. We are just starting to look for homes and didn't even know areas that would be appropriate. Your web site gave me information as to the type of homes in areas that we might be interested in. After going to some of neighborhoods, using directions from the Mapquest link, I was able to eliminate some and have increased interest in others. This was the most helpful web site I have seen directed towards the type of home we are looking for.

Cheryl Buzil

  I was searching for a new home and came upon northshorecondos.com.  This website absolutely simplified my search. Plus, Marlene provides exceptional, personalized service. In addition to helping me find a new home, she helped me “stage” my old house. Without a doubt, it sold for more than it would have had she not helped me and given me some great ideas to make the place look more attractive to potential buyers. Because of her creative suggestions, my townhouse sold in 1 day!

Randi Marino

"The Best and the Brightest"

"This experience of selling my home was quite a challenge for me and especially for you.  You were the Best and Brightest and allways had that great positive attitude.  I want to thank you for being there for me, you are the best."

JoAnn Yonan

  "A Friend As Well!"

"There is no one I can recommend more highly than Marlene Bass. I trust her as my real estate advisor and consider her a friend as well! It means a lot to me to have someone as trustworthy and conscientious as she is, because I am in the banking business and I know how important it is to ‘follow up’."

Kooi Lin Chaddah
  "Marlene Really Does Do More"

I was scanning the real estate web sites and came across a picture of Marlene Bass and her eye catching slogan "Marlene Does More". I took her up on it. Marlene worked very hard to find me a home. I thought I had sold my home even though it was on a contingency. The deal fell through and months later the same buyer finally sold his home and bought my home. I had a matter of weeks. Marlene took me out and showed me what was available, ran print outs, and called to let me know if anything else came up. I've had numerous real estate agents who've sold five homes for me, but never had the close contact as I did with Marlene Bass. She has your interest at heart. She works harder for you and her professional manner gets the job done.

Fay Arnow
  "A Young Couple's Viewpoint"

"We thought Marlene was very thorough in her approach to helping us buy our first home for us and for our young son. Our experience with her was very pleasing and we found Marlene very easy to talk with and to be with. It was fun!"

Bill & Iris Iglarsh
  "An Active Buyer and Seller"

"I sold my house, bought a condo, and sold a condo within 3 years, and I feel that Marlene was very competent and thoughtful. She was considerate in listening to me at all times, and I felt very secure in her handling of all my affairs. I would recommend her very highly."

Gladys Lubow
  "Coming to a New Community"

"We transferred from Peoria and we felt that Marlene spent a lot of time trying to help us determine which community and which house we should buy. We are very happy with our choice, and thank Marlene for her fabulous efforts on our behalf."

Mara & Jeff Gundrum
  Looking for a Change

I wrote you because I liked your website...now I will tell you more about me.  I am living in Homewood in a home I share with my mom and two daughters.  My oldest is going away to college; my youngest will be a junior.  She is not that happy at H-F high school, but it could suffice for two more years.
  There is 100% equity in this home. I could use money from here for a down payment. If I move now, when interest rates are sooo excellent, I would have to take a school district into consideration. If I were to wait post high school, I would most certainly look for a place where I want to live. But two years from now the interest rates may have changed drastically.

I would love a townhouse, I have seen condos which are roomy and close to greenery. I love my backyard, and thrive in the outdoors. In other words, I am unsure of what I want, and I vascillate between leaving now and leaving later!

So...that is my story! I don't know what you can do for me- but your website conveys an impression of caring and dedication...so if you don't mind someone who may be a bit gun shy, but knows that within the next two years will be a major change, I would like to talk to you more.

Thank you so very much for your time!

Jill in Homewood
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